The Fabulous world of wheelbarrows

Having decided that the only way to regain control of my fruit patch is to put down a membrane and cover with a thick mulch of bark chips, I have recently taken delivery of a huge amount of woodchips from a local tree surgeon. Next step, dig out the wheelbarrow from under a tonne of forgotten weeds. It was at this moment that I realised my trusty, or rather rusty, barrow had been left in such a sorry state that it was on the verge of collapse. There is only so far you can push a barrow and this one has been pushed too far.

My wheelbarrow of choice is the Chillington. It is a British classic, sturdy and easy to manoeuvre.       

It has an 85 litre steel pan finished with black high gloss paint and a large pneumatic tyre.

Purchased from B&Q for £33.98

It is a fantastic wheelbarrow and has made light work of the woodchips and pushes through muddy paths with ease. Highly recommended.

It was only when our friend Dan visited the allotment and saw the barrow in action that I realised what a classic this brand is.

“Ah you’ve gone for the Chillington, my Dad has one of these” he remarked. So I did a little digging.

Chillington have been making products for the agricultural, horticultural and construction industry, using high quality British steel, for over one hundred years. Products are sold under other brand names their most famous being ‘crocodile’

This got me thinking. Other forms of wheeled transport, caravans for example, are given names that far exceed their grandeur. Such flights or fancy include the Bailey Pegasus (incorporates a triple bunk) or the Unicorn. Amongst my favourites are the Interstellar and the Trailblazer. These are not comets, they are caravans doing little more than blocking up the highways on a bank holiday weekend!

So why not name wheelbarrows.

Perhaps we could look to the intrepid Gardeners World presenters for inspiration. The Swift would be a sleek, aerodynamic design, easy to manoeuvre and ready for a challenge. Or the De Thame, a light weight, elegantly designed barrow suitable for pottering in the garden.

My favourite would be the Klein. Painted in rich, exuberant colours this is the barrow that dares to be different. Its unique paint job would make you want to get out there and get gardening.

And last but not least The Full Monty………….need I say more.


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