Just a quickie

I have just 11 days to go before my annual pilgrimage to the RHS Flower show Tatton…11 days…11 DAYS! WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING??!

Every year it creeps up on me, I suspect I am the ‘burying my head in the sand type’ or, more positively a terrible chrono-optimist. There is so much to do in so little time, I feel a list coming on amidst the rising panic.

Things to do:

Build wooden boxes.

Check quality and quantity of show plants.

Grow sprouting seeds.

Make sprouting seeds kit.

Print business cards.

Print flyers.

Print a press pack.

Public liability insurance (it has lapsed).

Write five talks and demonstrations, alternatively write one talk for five days.

Nine things to do over eleven days, this should be possible, but nothing will get done today for I am doing a talk for the Women’s Institute and have just received the exciting news that I will be judging the ‘Animal that looks most like a vegetable’ competition.  This sounds like lots of fun and gets Tatton into perspective. Gardening is all about having fun and bringing pleasure to man and beast, flora and fauna.



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