Courgettes, just like buses nothing for ages then three come at once!

To eat seasonally means to eat courgettes on a daily basis. I have nothing against this, I love these tasty truncheons (husband is in fits of giggles!). This summer the plants are producing prolifically which I will assume is all the rain, glorious, rain.                                                                                                                        Courgettes are thirsty plants and are often planted in a slight dip to encourage  as much of the wet stuff as they can to be absorbed into the roots. This year that has not been necessary, they are getting plenty of water, any more and they will be shouting for a lifebouy! The only downside of this warm, wet weather is mildew. So far the plants in the ground haven’t been affected but one growing in a large pot outside the kitchen is suffering.                                                           Plenty of straw under the developing fruits prevents rotting and regular picking always encourages more. There are many ways to enjoy courgettes, lightly fried in a dash of white wine vinegar or thinly sliced and made into fritters. My favourite dish is courgette, mushroom and pancetta pasta pesto. I always make my own pesto, its taste is so much better than any of the shop bought stuff.

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