RHS Flowershow Tatton 2012 ~ Day 1




Some occasions hurtle towards you at brace neck speed, Tatton flowershow is one of them. I have to admit I have plenty of time to get it sorted, the applications and designs went in ages ago, February I think so I have no excuse for being so unprepared. Fortunately I am not the only one. We arrived to build our herb display, full of high spirits and too much caffeine, to find an empty marquee, well not quite, a hilarious electrician tried to convince us we had the wrong week. Very funny. A quick visit to the site office where we were assured our stand would be ready in an hour or two. So, an hour to wander round the show ground and see what’s what.

Egerton clump looks clearer I wonder if some trees have been removed? And talking of trees a large branch took out part of an orchestra garden during the build up. Hope it wasn’t the woodwind one.

The gardens are well on there way to being completed in time, the rain doesn’t seem to have caused too much chaos. Perhaps a bit more water may have helped designer Alan Gardner, inexplicably his car burst into flames on the way into the show ground leaving an interesting scorched patch in the hedgerow and him with no wheels. Undeterred he has created a fantastic garden inspired by the brass section of the orchestra.

By the time we got back to the fruit and veg pavillion the building of our tables was under way. Planting commenced and we had a wonderfully serendipitous moment when I ran out of cardboard to put under the turf to raise the level. One of the statue sellers was throwing away a load of polystyrene and guess what, it fit perfectly.

Half way there with more planting to do tomorrow. Lemon verbena, red veined sorrel, creeping savory, lemon thyme, alpine strawberries all ready and waiting to be picked through and tidied up before they go on display ready for judging on Tuesday.



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