Sent to the ‘naughty step’

Wow, what a morning I should have stayed in bed. Bright eyed and bushy tailed we packed the kids off to school and set off to Tatton. Driving down the driveway we were aware that  traffic was already building up. As we ground to a slippery slope it became evident that there was a serious problem, waggons, pick ups, transits and my little van suddenly became involved in Tatton’s own Operation Stack.

An hour passed and still no movement or word until a young steward made his, painstakingly, slow way along the line of traffic, map in hand to ‘discuss’ the situation with each driver..until he got to me, at which point he turned to walk back to the show ground. Blood begins to boil!

“OY” I shouted and he turned slowly and headed my way. “What’s going on? An hour and a half, this is ridiculous!”

“There’s a traffic jam in the showground” he explained “total gridlock, cant let anyone through”.

“Show me the problem on the map” I said helpfully and was thrilled to discover said jam was no where near my destination. Happily I explained and waited to be waved on. No such luck as common sense does not prevail outside the show ground. No I would have to wait in the queue like everyone else.

“That’s ridiculous!” I spluttered” at least let the people in that can get through.” Nope.

Half a hour later I had had enough and, when irritating traffic boys back was turned, I floored it to the entrance. Didn’t make it though he came running behind screaming at us to stop, thought it best to stop. Busted!

“For that” he shouted angrily ” you can pull over here and park at the side and wait there another hour as punishment!” Oh No the Tatton naughty step!!!!!

So I pulled over, turned round and headed off down the track.

“Where are you going?” he yelled angrily. “Home” I replied smiling. Nobody makes me sit on the naughty step especially not in a field, I am a grown up for goodness sake, he was all of nineteen. Bless.

What he didn’t know was I had just received insider information about another entrance round the back…whizzo…two shakes and we were in. Absolutely deserted in there, no traffic, no gridlock just the show manager scratching his head and wondering where everyone was!


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