RHS Flower show Tatton 2012 Day 3

Today is judging day, the day when everyones hopes and dreams are held in the uncompromising hands of the RHS judges. The judges route is carefully planned and they were expected to arrive in the Fruit and Vegetable pavillion, to judge my display, at 2 pm. Excellent, plenty of time to do last minute tweaking, colouring in staples with a permanent marker, hiding newspaper with bark chips, brushing turf with a hand brush, ah the lengths we go to for those much coveted awards.

I was surprised to find Stephen Bennet shuffling around in the exhibitors car park first thing this morning, it’s not where you would expect ‘Mr RHS’ to be, but there he was enjoying an early morning cigar. As usual he was full of softly spoken politeness and we exchanged our annual air kiss, which turned into air kissing. I must remember that the further south a person hails from and the higher up the RHS ladder, the more air kissing is involved.

Judging has taken place and the back to back and show gardens have been awarded their medals. In the back to back catergory no-one won a gold, which is unusual and disappointing, back to backs are exclusive to Tatton and are usually the jewels in the crown. The show gardens have faired better with plenty of silver-gilt and gold medals. The orchestra gardens are stunning, Alan Gardner’s brass inspired garden was awarded a well deserved gold while by Alexandra Froggatt’s Air on a G string (sorry Green string) received a silver gilt.

We wandered around for a while hoping something might appear on our display but it looks like we will have to wait until tomorrow. However our time was not wasted, we once again managed to gate crash the Presidential champagne gala. We didn’t quite meet the expected dress code, turning up in our mud splattered clothes, but our tried and tested method of keeping our heads held high and gliding past the champagne girls seemed to work well. Sometimes I think we were born for this lifestyle!

‘ Audrey’ from Corrie enjoying the show.


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