Enjoying the spoils

Tatton was a great success. Plenty of herbs were sold through Eat my Garden, talks went well in the talks theatre with Matthew Biggs, very little to take home which was no bad thing as my sister decided it was a good idea to turn up in her Fiat 500 leaving the Tardis like volvo sitting on the drive *#*#**##!!!!!

Still, we got back with some tasty spoils courtesy of the prize vegetable growers and the Cheshire tomato growers. The photo shows my own basil ‘Magic mountain’, an array of fresh tomatoes and a very large marrow, crying out to be stuffed.

Having stuffed and eaten the marrow (the recipe can be found in the recipe bit at the top of the page) I got to thinking.

Just what is the difference between a marrow and a courgette?

I thought it best to go straight to the top with this dilemma and consulted the RHS Encyclopedia of gardening. This is what the great gardening oracle decrees.

Also known as vegetable marrows or summer squashes, marrows are annuals that trail for several metres or form compact plants. They commonly have cylindrical fruits about 30cms long and 13cms in diameter.                   Courgettes are marrows harvested young.                                                     Marrows are trailing while courgettes are bushy. ‘

So I think that clears up the courgette conflict. Marrows are trailing, courgettes are bushy but you can get bushy marrows.

A courgette is a baby marrow and a marrow a large courgette.

Of course there are many more innuendos that I could have slipped into this blog but, for the sake of common decency, I have refrained. Here’s to keeping on top of the courgettes or failing that, enjoying the insurmountable pleasure of stuffing your marrows.


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