Calling radio Manchester

Yikes I have just put on BBC Manchester to have a listen before I broadcast at 3pm to be informed  that gardening is on the agenda with Gardener of the year Jacqui Brocklehurst. Nightmare they have the wrong person! I have never entered such a contest least of all won it.

Do I have a doppelganger I wonder?

Is there another me?

A parallel universe perhaps?

I ask these questions because this is not the first incident of mistaken identity. During the flower show Sharon from the Beeb lamented that she hadn’t had time to say “hello” at Hampton court earlier in the month. I wasn’t there but it reminded me of the previous year when Rosemary Edwards of Gardener’s World prodded Monty to remind him “There’s Jacqui Brocklehurst she was at Hampton.” I have never met Monty in my life, we had a close shave when Rosemary phoned me and asked if he could spend the day on my allotment several years back. I thought about it..for a nano-second! and, clutching the phone to my trembling cheek, gasped Yes, Yes of course the god of gardening can spend the day with me. He never did though so me and Monty are through.

Anyway, enough of the name dropping I, me, the real one will be on air 95.1 fm at 3pm and if anyone knows the whereabouts of the other Jacqui Brocklehurst do drop me a line.


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