The Home Cookbook by Monty and Sarah Don

I may have rather hastily stated a few blogs previous that I was through with Monty Don. It was a rash statement made in a moment of passionate writing, I am far from through with Monty for one simple reason; His courgette salad recipe. I know, I know but this one selfless act on his part has saved me from a life of courgette purgatory for which I am eternally grateful.

The Home Cookbook by Monty and Sarah Don is rapidly becoming one of my favourite recipe books. The recipes are helpfully arranged in order of breakfast, elevenses, lunch, tea and dinner with the emphasis on local, seasonal food. It is a guilt free cook book that positively encourages us to spend time in the kitchen enjoying good food with great company.

One of my favourites is page 45. Monty is clearly enjoying a slice of seed cake with a glass of fortified wine…for elevenses! And why not. This book goes against the grain and says yes you can eat this and yes you should enjoy that. It is a celebration of all that is good.

Monty and Sarah Don’s courgette salad recipe is in the recipe book at the top of the page.


One thought on “The Home Cookbook by Monty and Sarah Don

  1. through with Monty Don??!! I hope you washed your mouth out with soapy water, I thought you wanted to ‘be’ Monty Don!!! Glad you came back to your senses. I have to say, the Hairy Bikers go on a diet (or whatever it’s called) also have that same approach to food – yes, eat and enjoy!


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