Successional planting and tidy sheds

A tidy shed is the sign of a good gardener’

This is a quote I recently read and decided I should probably throw in the towel. I have two sheds, both are a disgrace.

Bundles of old netting lie huddled in corners like weird cobwebs spun by demented spiders. A motley assortment of garden canes never seem to find a home. Straw, twine and corn for the chickens form an intricate indoor carpet on which my tumultuous garden life lies. The tools languish drunkenly just inside the door.

I dream of Monty’s shed ( I REALLY need to get over this Monty thing!) Lovingly chosen and cherished tools hang in their right and proper place. A lesson to us all.

Although I am not very good at the tidy and organised life I can see the advantages. To grow edibles throughout the year takes a certain amount of planning. I know about successional planting of salad crops, I just don’t do it. Summer runs away with me and the cut and come again look like they will go on forever. But they don’t and I am left with nothing.

The good news is I may just have time to rectify this bad gardener behaviour. I have ordered my winter salads from the fabulous Simpson’s seeds and am eager to get them sown while the soil is warm and the weather balmy.

Corn salad verte de cambrai, Pak choi Joi Choi, Spinach Giant Winter are all good winter crops. I have included mizuna and rocket as these bolt too quickly in summer but should provide some tasty leaves in the cooler months. Radicchio sown a few days ago has already emerged, the parsley, sown as a biennial, is yet to surface.

Now that the seeds are organised that leaves me with no choice….I will have to tackle those sheds.




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