Getting in a pickle

Harvest time is here and I love it. I can’t think of a better way to spend a day than in the kitchen cooking up the fruits of the season. This is ‘Eat my garden’ at its very best.

The shallots are drying off and should last well into next year, we are still enjoying last years crop. I love the generosity of shallots, plant one harvest five.

The spaghetti squashes have done brilliantly and have littered the ground of my plot. They look like peculiar  unexploded missiles lying dormant under the leaves. Some of the squashes have come off their vines (over enthusiastic weeding on my part!) so I am going to try ripening them on a sunny windowsill.

The courgettes are still coming think and fast for which I am eternally grateful. We have discovered a courgette relish that  involves chillies, which have, suprisingly, done really well this year. Some of the names of chillies make me laugh particularly Ring of fire. Is it hot? Of course it is!!!

Apple and chilli jelly is another of my favourites it looks fantastic when the light catches it, igniting the chilli seeds like gold. It tastes pretty good too.

And then there are the runner beans. Much as I love them with lightly buttered spuds and am not adverse to blanching and storing, I was made up to discover they can be transformed into a delicious, tangy pickle.

All of these recipes are in the recipe book at the top of the page for you to enjoy.


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