Great cuddling carrots!

Yes I have finally beaten the carrot fly! And not only that, my carrots are besotted. I pulled these little beauties up to find them wrapped around each other in what can only be described as ‘a loving embrace’.

This seasons carrot success came about because I sowed my seeds behind a wall of protection. This was in the form of a folding wooden box that I inherited with my plot. The sides are about 12cms high, not high enough to deter the low flying female carrot fly who flies anywhere up to 60 cms above ground level, however the marigolds and coriander I planted around the box grew much taller. I like to think I grew a soup kitchen as carrots and coriander together taste wonderful which is odd as I find the smell of coriander truly awful. This could be because, when I was expecting number 1 child, I worked in a polytunnel surrounded by fields of coriander (only in Stretford nowhere too exotic! ) and the overpowering pungent smell of acres of fresh coriander being cut had me doubled over retching. Morning sickness and coriander have a lot to answer to.

Anyway it would appear that the carrot fly is also adverse to the smell of coriander and my precious seedlings were saved. I allowed the coriander to flower and run to seed which I have collected and will re-plant next year as a wall of protection for my tasty little carrots. Will also be using it in the courgette relish.

Completely unrelated I have been writing this post whilst waiting for my scones to bake. They smell delicious, so good that number 1 child has just polished one off with a dollop of strawberry jam. Mmmmm can’t wait to try one. I know they will be good as I have followed Monty’s recipe mmmmm.

Page 225 if you’re wondering…..


3 thoughts on “Great cuddling carrots!

  1. The coriander seeds can also be ground into your own curry base or added to a curry whole after a slight crush to releases the essential oil. %)


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