Pumpkin soup


mmm just tucking into a delicious bowl of soup in the brew room at the nursery. It’s pumpkin and chilli served with a slice of granary bread. Scrumptious.
It’s a miracle that we have any pumpkins at all (we have bucket loads of spaghetti squash but it doesn’t make good soup). Eldest child suddenly announced, in late July, that she was going to plant pumpkin seeds. And, for once, she actually did.
I didn’t have the heart to tell her that they should have been planted in April  so, as soon as the first true leaves had developed, I planted them out on the allotment. “Why did you plant them out ?” I hear you cry .
“And not the eldest child ?”
Well steady on it’s one small step at a time with these children, one small step.
Anyway I suspect that we have the rain to thank for the rapid swelling of the fruits and, by October 31st, two lovely orange pumpkins were ready for carving. I have absolutely no idea what variety they are but can tell you they are very tasty.
It is probably no suprise that I turned to Monty for a pumpkin soup recipe but, I have to be honest, I wasn’t keen. It’s not you Monty, it’s me. I steer clear of using sage in cooking, it gives me nightmares. No idea why.
Nonetheless I followed the recipe leaving out the sage and adding chopped fresh chilli instead. I chose my home grown ‘ring of fire’ and it really does add the necessary kick to pumpkin soup. One small pumpkin makes enough soup for four lunches and every day it gets a little bit hotter. Just what you need as the weather gets colder!



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