Glad tidings

I have been in the thick of it trying to get all the Christmas shopping done for friends and relatives across the board. Of course my first port of call is always potential gardening gifts as I am totally deluded and firmly of the belief that if I like it you will too. kettles

On my trawl through the inter-web (perish the thought that I would actually go to a real shop ) I have discovered some fab gardening stuff that I thought I would share with you. are dedicated to providing ethical and sustainable gifts for gardeners. My favourite is the kettle watering cans made from recycled plastic.

They are also offering a book called Build your own earth oven by Kiko Denzer. Some-one will be getting it in their christmas stocking but I can’t say who. I may through in a bag of flour as encouragement before borrowing the book back in order to build my own.

fairy lights

A few years ago my wonderful husband gave me a set of solar powered fairy lights and they were the stuff of fairy tale dreams. No fiddly outdoor electrics to deal with just a little solar panel to stick in the soil and away you go.

Having spent too much time looking at gifts I have neglected to plant the garlic and as it should be in by the winter solstice I have  missed the boat. Monty will be disappointed. Perhaps if I am good Santa will see fit to put some in my christmas stocking.

Perhaps because I have spent too long sitting around my feet are suffering greatly from the worst chilblain affliction ever. It’s a circulation problem and I have tried ginko biloba, hawthorn, ginger and oodles of cream to no avail. But it seems there is another suggested remedy, raw garlic in my socks. Raw garlic in my socks!!!!!! What about the vampires? There would be no chance meeting with R Pats if I follow this advice !

But it may bring me the blessed relief my poor toes crave. So Santa, forget the satsuma you know what my stocking needs.


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