Happy New Year

January 1st. Happy new year everyone let’s welcome in 2013 with open arms.I haven’t quite got round to writing down my new years resolutions yet so perhaps now is as good a time as any to get started.

1. I must learn to be more organised ! I say learn because I am fully aware that Rome wasn’t built in a day. I haven’t spent all these years picking up bad habits just for them to be resolved at the stroke of midnight. No, this will take time.

But now I have started this list I feel a sub list coming on. A list for all the things I need to do to get organised. A list of supplies I will need to write said lists. Eek I may even need a trip to Paperchase for some lovely new stationary, a shiny new pen perhaps….


This desire to be better organised is wholly centred around my wish to have a fully functioning allotment. This year I want to master the art of successional planting, harvest and preserve all my produce ( I still have beetroot in the ground), build decent supports for plants before they start rambling, finish putting the glass in the greenhouse, net all fruit bushes before the birds get to them and make the most of the generously sized plot I have been blessed with.

Oh and get the herb nursery up and running.


I have been inspired by Mark Diacono’s book Taste of the Unexpected and this year I am determined to grow some weird stuff. In his introduction he advises writing a list (Hurrah!) of everything you would like to eat. He was inspired by Jane Grigson’s fruit and vegetable book and something at the back of my mind tells me I have this very book on a shelf somewhere.

Ah yes, here it is, on my gardening and cookery bookshelf. I haven’t given it so much as a glance but it is now very much on my ‘to do’ list. New years resolution 1a methinks!

So, no time like the present, armed with a notepad and pen and an age old cookery book I will begin those lists. Now, where did I put my pen?


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