Tucker McElroy’s perfect flapjack

tucker mcelroy

I am having a baking day today, it’s so much more fun than housework and, even though the allure of the allotment is strong, I know my three hungry little broccoli’s will be raiding the kitchen when they return from school.
I have a banana and chocolate cake baking in the oven which I know they will enjoy when they get in. Served with custard or ice cream it is delicious. It is equally enjoyable on it’s own and, I imagine, will taste even better warm, straight from the oven with a cafe latte. Yum.


I am also making a flapjack. I want to put flapjack in their lunchboxes as the oaty ingredients make me feel it is, in some ways, a healthy option. An energy boost to get them through the afternoon. But I have issues with both my flapjack recipes, one is Nigella Lawsons Soot’s flapjack from her domestic goddess cook book page 232, the other belongs to Monty Don and can be found in his home cook book on page 42.

Let’s start with Nigella’s
450 g rolled oats
75g brown sugar
300g unsalted butter 50g golden syrup

Previous attempts at making this flapjack have left me with a crumbly mess, baked on the top but as soon as a piece is lifted from the tray it collapses. Very tasty when gathered up into little crumbly heaps but absolutely hopeless for lunchboxes.

Monty’s ingredients are as follows
50g butter
75g brown sugar 3 tbsp golden syrup
180g rolled oats

Again this is not working for me. I can barely get the mixture spread in the tin. This stuff is so sticky it sticks to everything but the tin. Flattening with a spoon is an impossibility and, when set, this stuff can do some serious damage to your teeth.

I know the differences in quantities make it difficult to compare so I have converted both recipes to involve 500g of rolled oats. I initially did this because both recipes require sizes of baking tins that I do not own and cannot find. I like to use a traditional baking tray 30cms x 23 cms or thereabouts and 550g of rolled oats fits perfectly.

Nigella’s Monty’s
500g rolled oats 500g rolled oats
80g brown sugar 200g brown sugar
330g butter 135g butter
55g golden syrup (2tbsp) 8 tbsp golden syrup (500g )

Nigella please, with this amount of butter we are all headed for a heart attack! Monty, these sugar levels will put us in a diabetic coma!

I don’t want to add to childhood obesity or have the little broccoli’s growing up without any teeth. After all,

‘They’re gonna look pretty funny trying to eat sweetcorn with no freakin’ teeth!’

So I have done a celebrity recipe mash up of my own. It goes like this.

500g rolled oats
100g brown sugar
140g butter
3 tbsp golden syrup

Mix the oats and sugar in a bowl. Melt the butter and syrup together. Mix both mixtures together.
Spread in a greased baking tray and cook at 180 degrees C for 35 minutes. Leave to cool then cut into pieces. Makes around 12 pieces.

This recipe produces a delicious flapjack, soft, not too crumbly with just a little bit of crunch. Perfect for tomorrows lunch boxes.


Now to sample the banana loaf……….


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