Beautiful Bay

With sub zero temperatures threatening to stay put for the forseeable I have decided to bring my beautiful lollipop bay indoors. Bay trees are tough as old boots, usually, but a couple of years ago I was caught out by ‘that really bad winter’. I remember looking at the two bays, standing like sentries by the front door, and thinking how pretty they looked sporting, what resembled, little snow hats. Duh! But those freezing temperatures lasted far too long and the rot set it, by spring the leaves were turning brown and dropping at an alarming rate. It was a sad day when I finally chopped them up for fire wood. But often in these circumstances there is a silver lining, the fragrance they gave of during their cremation was fabulous.
So I refuse to be caught out again and my lollipop bay is living indoors until the worst has passed. It’s not just that it is a stunning specimen that adorns my garden and adds flavour to my cooking, this tree has been the focal point of both my displays in the fruit and veg marquee at the Rhs flower show Tatton. It has done me proud and feels like part of the family. I have probably spent more time picking through that bay, removing damaged leaves, than I have brushing my childrens hair! Talking of Tatton I am on tender hooks waiting to hear if I have a place in the fruit and veg pavillion at this years show. It shouldn’t be too long now before that envelope hits my doormat, lets hope it’s good news.


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