Avacado. Looks good enough to eat


I have never indulged in an avacado before now, misguidedly believing they would do untold damage to the size of my hips. Not so! Avacado contains vitamins A,B,C folic acid and essential amino acids. It even helps regulate cholesterol levels. Definitely one of the good guys in my humble opinion.
I was encouraged to partake of this fruit upon discovering a delicious looking soup in the Women’s Institute soup cookbook. Spicy Bean Soup with Guacamole Salsa. Who could resist such a hearty winter warmer.

I will let you into a little secret, this recipe calls for paprika and the other day I was browsing in The Unicorn ( an organic, wholesome humus and beans kind of shop) and as I was messing with the spices I noticed a beautiful tin containing smoked paprika. I am a sucker for tins, I love them and the smoked paprika conjured up images of far away places that I desperately want to visit. Travelling the spice trail is high up on my bucket list! Because the WI’s recipe included paprika I decided this was the soup for me and nipped off to buy myself that beautiful tin of deep red, aromatic powder. Mmmmm.

The soup is delicious and wholesome, I did halve the amount of paprika as smoked has a more intense flavour, and the guacamole salasa is equally tasty. I am converted. Not only does avacado taste good and do you good, it looks fanatastic too!


Spicybean soup and guacamole salsa can be found in recipes at the top of the page.


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