Herby venison and horseradish sauce

Oh deer, it seems we are over run with these magnificent beasts and it might be time to introduce a deer cull. Following the horse meat scandal and todays news that processed meats, particularly sausages, bacon and ham could send us to an early grave, I think the proposed deer cull could be a good thing.
Free range meat is superior in taste and quality to factory farmed produce and venison is no exeption. It is a rich, tasty cut that cooks beautifully as a slow roast and tastes delicious in stews and casseroles.
Venison isn’t a dish I have much experience of having been put off at a wedding breakfast when the grooms brother leant over and whispered in my ear “That’s Bambi’s mother you’re eating”.
However I am happy to try again provided the deer has had a good life and has been culled humanely. In anticipation I have discovered some of my favourite culinary herbs are used to flavour venison. Bay, rosemary and thyme, finely
chopped and mixed with breadcrumbs, create a delicious herby crust for a venison fillet. Accompanied by a parsnip and horseradish puree this feast seems fit for a king.


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