More edible flowers

It’s easter sunday and here am I, with a house full of chocolate, embarking on a piece concerning edible flowers. Is this because easter weekend now seems to be as much about doing our gardens as it does about consuming chocolate? Or is it that several people have brought it to my attention that someone on the tele has been crystallising edible flowers and did I see it. I didn’t, was it Mary Berry?
Anyhow it got me thinking about other edible flowers and which ones will be around next when the primroses gradually fade into the background.If my memory, and horticultural learnage, serves me right it will be rosemary, that gorgeous, versatile herb that has just flavoured my roast lamb to perfection.
Rosemary always comes into flower suprisingly early and these tiny blooms can be picked and sprinkled on a variety of dishes including ice cream, fruit salads and soft cheese.

IMG_3045                                                  Rosemary Severn seas

IMG_3060                                                 Rosemary Blue Lagoon

IMG_3043                                                Rosemary Alba

All these varieties are beautiful and delicious garden herbs and I am very pleased to be offering them for sale in my on-line herb shop coming soon!



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