Tomato and basil soup with artisan bread

I have indulged myself this evening, I have just finished watching Paul Hollywood’s bread episode five. It’s not a programme I would usually find myself watching but a phone call from an excited aged parent earlier today has lead me down this dangerous route. I can see myself warming, like a well risen dough, to the twinkly-eyed, silver fox chef and his delicious buns.
I was just about to tuck into my home-made tomato and basil soup when said aged parent telephoned to let me know she had a batch of freshly baked caraway seed rolls waiting to be scoffed and would I be interested. Would I! Warm, freshly baked bread delivered to the nursery, who could resist?
Shortly before mentioning the rolls she regaled me, enthusiastically, with the latest episode of Paul Hollywood’s bread insisting I watch and learn, whilst confessing to finding him rather attractive but don’t tell your father. To be honest I don’t need to learn as my mother is an adventurous artisan bread maker and we are the happy recipients of her wares. I am more of a soup maker myself and find the two culinary enterprises go very well together. You just can’t beat warm home-made bread, packed full of goodness, dunked into a delicious bowl of home-made soup. It’s a match made in heaven.
Tomato and basil is one of the easiest soups to make and I am not averse to using cans of good quality tomatoes when fresh ones prove too fiddly. It was the basil plant on my kitchen windowsill that inspired me to make this soup today. Basil ‘Magic mountain’ has excelled itself producing lush, aromatic leaves throughout the winter and providing me with enough spring growth to take cuttings. This is a basil worth sharing so while those cuttings are taking root why not take a look in my recipe book and join me in a bowl of deliciously tasty soup seasoned with the tantalising taste of the mediterranean.


4 thoughts on “Tomato and basil soup with artisan bread

    • By mutual agreement we decided it had a chicken stock base. It was served with a menu choice of fresh hunk of bread or oatcakes; but the waitress offered me a warmed, freshly baked cheese scone. Heavenly!


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