Dearest Sweet Cicely….

I have finally found the solution to my rhubarb dilemma, namely sweet cicely. I know that sweet cicely is reputed to take the tartness out of rhubarb but, I have to confess, I have never actually tried it, until now.

Yesterday the sun shone and I was all inspired and spent the whole day down the allotment. It was fab! I took loads of seeds to plant including radishes, carrots and beetroot but instead of planting them I got completely carried away with making the place look pretty when I should have been being productive. I went a little bit ‘Mondrian’ as you can see from the photo below.


In my defence there is method in my madness. These wooden boxes are left over from Tatton flower show last year and are taking up too much space in my shed. Using them to grow lettuce leaves and other tasty leaves means I can put some old windows on top and Ta daa……instant cold frames.

Ah the allotment gardeners, some call us hoarders, others recyclers when in fact, we are pure genius!

Anyway when I had finally finished perfecting my squares I noticed the black tub I had put over the rhubarb was perched in mid-air and what a fine crop of tender rhubarb was underneath. I picked as much as I could carry and headed home.

Later that day I whipped up (not sure this is the correct terminology and will no doubt stand corrected) a rhubarb crumble, remembering this time to add a large handful of chopped sweet cicely leaves. By golly they certainly made the whole dessert sweeter. I must remember to use less sugar next time before we all fall into a diabetic coma!

The only other suggestion I would make is to chop the sweet cicely as finely as possible. Seven year old boys draw the line at “finding half the garden in their pudding”.


Coincidentally just as the crumble was cooking Adrian phoned to say he was awash with sweet cicely seedlings and did I want them potting up.                                           Yes please Adrian.


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