Monty Don in my kitchen


I had to laugh when I arrived home to find Monty Don in my kitchen. Methinks the label was too small to fit ‘Monty Don’s Rhubarb chutney’ but here it is, the first years batch, and I must now wait patiently for a couple of weeks before I can try it. A big thank you to my mum, once again, for making it.

I have mentioned my mother before, she is the one who keeps the broccoli family in fresh bread. Lately she has been difficult to track down as she has become a bit of a wild forager. When I do see her she looks flushed with twigs in her hair, her fingers stained green and there is a whiff of spring about her. In short she looks like she has been dragged through a hedge backwards and, to be fair, she probably has.

Adele Nozedar’s Hedgerow handbook is to blame. It is packed full of recipes and remedies all made from natures rich harvest and the hand drawn illustrations are divine. Nettle syrup is being made in abundance and both my parents are enjoying this tasty tonic made into a delicious drink with bubbly water. It keeps them going before the elder blossoms when we will be awash with elder flower champagne. Ah life is good.

Everything is growing well in my kitchen garden, seeds are sprouting, radishes are swelling, herbs are looking fresh and vibrant yet nothing is quite ready for picking. Thank goodness nature provides us with such an abundance of hedgerow delicacies to keep us going while we wait for our produce to ripen.


Something for the weekend Sunday 26th May 2013


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