The plot thickens

A glorious day on the allotment has proved highly productive. The soil/dust has warmed up beautifully and all my little seedlings have now been let loose  in the big wide world.
My plot is divided into sections,by paths, which allows me to rotate my produce effectively. One area has never seemed quite right, the soil seems a little under nourished, so today saw me wheelbarrowing heaps of leaf mould and horse poo (happy days !) from the furthest corner to dump unceremoniously in a trench.


Hopefully this will encourage the purple sprouting broccoli, sprouts and kale to put down some strong roots that will tap into all this goodness. These brassicas ultimately grow fairly large so I planted them 50 cms apart with 100 cms between the rows. As this leaves a lot of spare soil while the plants are young I sneaked in a couple of rows of leeks.
I start my leeks off in a seed tray, I don’t trust the snails, and plant them out when they are around 10 cms high. To plant, poke a hole, around 5cms deep, in the soil and drop the leek in. Don’t firm in just water well, the soil will wash into the hole gently securing the leek into the ground. Plant 20 cms apart, picking some leeks young to create space for those you want to over winter.
Brassicas always need netting as those pesky pigeon love to tuck into the leaves and it is soul destroying to get them so far then see them ravaged.


The rest of the produce is coming along nicely. Chives are abundant and I will be adding the edible flowers to my salads, sweetcorn is growing strong and now has summer squash to keep it company, and the cut and come again salad leaves have been cut and, I can honestly say, have come again, with gusto and aplomb.





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