Ten days to Tatton

I work up this morning with a terrible feeling of panic. In a week I can start building my exhibit at the RHS Flower show Tatton. A week! That’s seven days! That’s really soon! I’m not ready, I have tonnes to do, I need a list, I need a second list  Aaargh!

The plants are ready, there is absolutely no doubt about that. The plants are so ready they are bursting out of their pots and making me wonder if they really need potting on again or will a good feed do? I am going for the second option.

The tomatillo’s are stunning as are the Totem tomato plants festooned with green fruits. Does anyone know how to get them to turn red in a week? I am considering putting banana skins near them, using the ethylene produced by the bananas to ripen the tomatoes.

The chamomile has excelled itself and I am looking forward to having the dainty IMG_4054white daisy-like flowers weaving through the planting. It’s amazing how much time I have spent supporting and dead heading these plants to get them looking their best. In some areas they are considered a weed! I have grown both German and Roman. The first is tall and elegant the latter short and scrubby, on the brink of flowering. Both make great tea.

Anyway enough of this romantic appreciation of all thinks herbal I need to do that list.

1. Make wooden pathways to avoid having to use polystyrene. If you have ever cut polystyrene you will know those little white particles get everywhere and I have better things to do than chase every fragment round a marquee in an attempt to complete those ‘finishing touches’.

2. Print off recipes and other interesting herby facts with new The Hungry Gardener logo and website details on. So glad I have decided to do this and not have leaflets made at the printers am saving myself a fortune.

3. Have a practise run positioning plants as they will look on the day to check I have enough. Copy down on a piece of paper and try not to lose it this time.

4. Paint a chair the colour of my front door. Hot pink.

5. Practise cooking fish wrapped in bacon and whipping up a rhubarb fool. Have agreed to do cookery demonstrations, no idea why, it seemed a good idea at the time….

6. Buy black card and a white pen to write plant labels on, oh and green sticks to attach them too.

7. Buy gravel.

8. Phone the boss and tell him I won’t be in for a week, probably quite important and should, perhaps, be higher up on the list.

9. Write a new list prioritising things to do in order of importance, which sounds like a slippery slope into spending far too much time making lists and not actually getting anything done!

Speaking of slippery slopes there is rumoured to be a helter skelter at the show. I can’t think of a better way to start the day than whizzing down the slide and flying through the flaps of the pavilion to land at my stall refreshed but somewhat slightly dazed.


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