Nine days…

Whoop Whoop several jobs can be ticked off the Tatton list today. The flooring for my herb display is coming on leaps and bounds thanks to my amazing Dad.


I am hoping that having a wooden base for my gravel paths will make life easier, particularly when I come to take the exhibit down (can’t believe I am thinking about that already!). My Dad is brilliant, tell him what you need and off we go to the timber yard, next thing you know, job done.

Recipe leaflets are written but not printed and incorporate my new logo. As a little extra, non-listed job, this blog can now be found under the grand title of Oooooooh.

So that’s a couple of ticks in the box of life, oh and I telephoned the boss to tell him I would be away for the duration, so that’s done.

As another aside I ate a banana and remembered to save the skin to put on my tomato plants to ripen them. Will report back on their progress in a couple of days.


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