Day 7

Moped around the nursery today not getting very much done. It was hot, I was feeling a bit fed up with all the Tatton stuff, just wanted to be on the beach. On the plus side Andy was back from his jollies so I could do my usual
“What do you think about this and what about that?” 
then carry on drifting around aimlessly. What can I say I was tired (went to bed at 1am cos I was watching Spaced and chatting with my man ) and a bit grumpy.
I did achieve one thing though. I hung banana skins on my tomato plants to encourage them to ripen. I am in danger of taking down anyone I see eating a banana these days.
I also found myself browsing the rhs manual. No idea why but it looks likes I should have completed ‘Form 3’ sometime in June. Form 3 is where you confess to using ‘non gardening’ material on your exhibit. Floral displays can incorporate a pond or a small log. Wonder if they will turn a blind eye to a dining table, chairs, cake stands, teacups, sundae glasses, pickles and preserves, lavender scones………..better not mention the gnome!


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