I think its five days to Tatton…

Apologies for missing yesterdays post. I got back from the nursery, fed the family and went to sleep. Seems to have done me good though, today was much more productive.
My herb display at Tatton consists of 4 separate beds. One is herbs for herbal teas, one is a cooks garden, one a salad garden and one a fruit garden. Today I laid out the cooks garden and was really pleased with hpw it looked. What always suprises me is the plants I think are going to look fab often end up abandoned because they don’t look right. The climbing Chinese noodle bean has little beans on which I thought would look lovely, however the plants just look scruffy. The asparagus pea is an interesting little thing with gorgeous flowers but it’s foliage is yellow and fading.
Numbers 1,2,3 and 6 can all be ticked off my list which is a relief as I couldn’t resist popping down to the allotment this evening. The fruit bushes are festooned with fruit, this always happens just as Tatton begins, leaving me feeling inundated with not enough time to ‘do’ everything. However I do have a very good back-up plan to prevent any soft fruit going to waste.
My little Broccoli’s love fruity flan. A sweet pastry base filled with redcurrants set in jelly served with ice-cream is a great way for them to get one of their five a day. I sneak a few redcurrants and whitecurrants into a fruit smoothie in the morning. My fruit smoothie recipe is one I learnt from ‘Big cook Little cook’. CBeebies I have a lot to thank you for. I will endeavour to put it in my recipe collection as soon as.
Anyway this back-up plan I mentioned, it’s quick, easy and very tasty. Any spare soft fruit can be popped in a bottle with some sugar and a little vodka and, hey presto, come Christmas you will have a fruity liquor that will knock your socks off.
The simple recipe is as follows
1 kg sugar
2 kg soft fruit
3 bottles of vodka
Pour the sugar, equal amounts into clean bottles. Add the fruit then top up with vodka. You can even get away without measuring. Fill 1/4 of a bottle with sugar, a 1/4 with fruit and top with vodka. Store in a cool, dark place turning occasionally to dissolve the sugar.
I have just made several bottles of whitecurrant vodka. Will let you know in a few months how it turns out.
IMG_4159The spoils of the allotment, a slightly blurry photo (not the vodka I hasten to add) my camera has just packed in. There’s another item for the list. Buy a new camera.


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