Its a family affair

A little late again for my daily post but as you can see we have been busy little bees in the broccoli household.


Love the pink of this chair. After much trial and error I have decided to push the boat out and go wild with the sprouting seeds grown as a chair seat. Cress. I tried beetroot for a rich red velvet effect and onion for a soft blue green to no avail. So cress it is.Must plant it today.


Love my mum  too. It’s amazing that I can hand over my cake stand and give her a very vague idea of what’s in my head and she gets it. This is going to look amazing.Edible flowers tumbling from the stand onto the rather funky seventies disco table cloth I have in my possesion.



Husband has been given instructions to paint the table green. Unfortunately he cannot read my mind and is utterly baffled as to what goes on in my head. Makes for an interesting marriage but I have learnt that pointing him in the right direction and letting him go yields good results.
Although I don’t have photographic evidence (camera conked out again) rest assured the younger broccoli’s have chipped in.
Sanding, painting and sweeping the garden has all been done with gusto.
On the down side I appear to have accidentally dyed the elder broccoli’s hair an interesting shade of green!


2 thoughts on “Its a family affair

  1. And don’t forget the sister who owns the chair and table, and the nephew who sanded the table down! How did you struggle with the beetroot? It grew for us at school!!


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