On the eve of judgment day

The last few days have been a blur of marques, staging, watering and more watering. The idea that has bubbling away since January has now come to fruition.

This year I decided it would be fun to create an edible tea party complete with dining table chairs, teapots, tuck boxes, the lot. It has been fun but today I hit a wall. I have four sections, the herbal tea collection, the cooks garden, the salad bar and the fruit garden. The fruit garden was a NIGHTMARE !!!!!

My rhubarb has suffered in this heat so I had some very big gaps to fill. I admit…I went shopping. Not for pretty shoes no, just for a bit of stunt rhubarb and was delighted to find some Timperley early. Hoorah happy again.

On my return I was so enthusiastic I went tearing up the dirt track to the show and was stopped in my tracks by security. Apparently the ‘cameras’ had clocked me doing 26 mph in a 5 mph zone. I thought the camera notices were fake. Eek. Well at least it wasn’t as bad as last year, I didn’t get sent to the naughty step. I was ‘let off’ after agreeing to provide security with Pimm’s later this week. I can do that.

It’s all going well and I am really pleased with my display. I have stayed out of trouble, so far, and have even been entrusted with providing the display plants for the rhs Feast marquee. Here’s a sneaky peek at the garden so far….fingers crossed for judging day tomorrow.





Can’t wait to put the groovy flower power table cloth on with this cake stand…


Already plotting next year. ‘It’s chilli up North’. An al fresco garden complete with home-made pizza oven and loads of chillies…


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