Waiting for judges and gadding around

There’s only so much a girl can do when it comes to sprucing up an exhibit in the hope of gaining an award. Every year I start out not caring what the judges think then, about an hour before they arrive, I go a bit wobbly. Could be the heat, lack of food, dehydration all the usual suspects but I like to think it is my conscience giving me a dig, telling me to do my best.

I have given it my best but as the judging criteria is a mystery to us mortals I haven’t got the foggiest what they may decide. As long as it’s not the white envelope….

Had a nightmare this morning when I realised the cress I had sown in my chairs wasn’t going to work. Went striding into Sainsbury’s just after dawn and demanded they sold me every bit of green stuff they had. Wasn’t enough so my other half had to forage for more. He found some in Waitrose, Waitrose! Nothing less than posh cress for my display. If that doesn’t bump up the scores nothing will.

The display looks like this




I couldn’t get a whole photo, the Wisley gooseberry man kept photo bombing. I say photo bombing, perhaps it was more a case of obsessive gooseberry displaying. We all have our foibles….

Went for a wander to look at some gardens, the galaxy ones are fantastic. Designers were given £10,000 to build these exhibits and it doesn’t half show. Wish I had that amount of money to fund a garden…..it would be a corker!

As a designer/exhibitor I felt obliged to look at the gardens but really I was heading to the helter skelter.


Just as we got there I very excitedly said to my lovely ” Ooooh look it’s the helter skel….DONKEYS”! Would you believe it there are donkeys at the show. They are gorgeous, I think they liked me.


Then again


Maybe not.


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