Its a silver medal

Much improved from last year I have another silver to add to the collection. A judge came to see me today asked if I was ok with a silver? I said ” No. I would like a gold please”. Well if you don’t ask…. Turns out they rather liked it. The only criticism was my plants needed to be ‘further on’. My hyssop was in full flower with gorgeous orange pot marigolds, feverfew in full flow, and lemon verbena actually flowering. How much ‘further on do they need to be? Dead?!
On the plus side I was very proud of the younger broccoli and her cousin Sophe photo bombing Joe Swift(photo tomorrow) and I did a cookery demo. I cooked fish in bacon with Monty Don’s courgette salad. A serendipitous moment occurred when I nicked of from the feast theatre with my ‘lunch’ in hand and nearly fell over Monty Don himself.
Me. ” Aw Monty I ave just cooked your courgette salad it was a godsend that recipe”.
Monty – turned and nearly smiled in slightly startled manner and said “Oh”.
I leave you to draw your own conclusions.
Tried to go on the helter skelter but got there a bit too late. On the plus side I accidentally came across a champagne reception and was hauled in by the lovely Steve Bennet to quaff champers and eat tiny quiches.
Mr RHS shows director is a charming man but it’s a little unnerving when you are being embraced by someone who says ” Darling it is actually a radio in my pocket but I am very pleased to see you”.


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