Fun in the Prize fruit and veg pavillion Rhs Tatton 2013

It was only when Janet of the Trafford allotments popped in to the fruit and veg pavilion that I realised I hadn’t mentioned where my exhibit was. For anyone coming to the show tomorrow it is in the Prize fruit and vegetable pavilion. Just look for the funky seventies disco table and the pink cake stand arranged with edible flowers.Image

It’s been amazing in our pavilion, the interest in growing vegetables and creating edible gardens is fantastic and, this year, I have had the opportunity to actually  ‘Eat my Garden’.

I have been cooking in the ‘feast’ zone under the watchful eye of Brian Mellor. Brian runs the cookery school in Tattenhall, Cheshire and is a lovely, easy going guy who makes the stress of doing live cookery demonstrations melt away.

Clippy, of Clippy’s apples and other scrumptious jams, pickles and preserves is also demonstrating and I am so glad we have finally been introduced. We both live and thrive in Sale, Cheshire and I hope to see more of this talented lady as we both seem to enjoy living the good life.


It’s good to see so many people interested in food and gardening. For me two go hand in hand and I am looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings.


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