Bountifall blackberries


Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow !!!!! I don’t know what’s blood and what’s berries anymore, all I know is the biggest juiciest blackberries are just out of reach…..Ouch!

It’s a familiar cry from hedgerows everywhere because the countyside is positively heaving with foragers. But it is a smashing year for blackberries.
I used to think blackberry picking was an autumn adventure but no, it’s not. Perhaps that’s why we were only left with the small, crumbly dried up ones, we just left it too late. Blackberry season is well before conker season.
I wasn’t even that keen on blackberries, probably for the above reason! But this!
I have to confess I looked at the juicy clusters draped across the hedgerows and my initial thought was “Ooh vodka”. Then I started picking and boy are they tasty. They haven’t even made it to the vodka!
Now pick yourself off the floor and read on.
I absolutely adore redcurrant jelly so imagine my delight when I discovered there is also a bramble jelly. Monty Don you have come through for me once again.
This dark crimson preserve captures the delicious flavour of the berry while the smooth consistency makes it easy to spread. Try smothering it on a warm bit of crumpet (Ooh matron!) for a tasty, post foraging treat or, for the more sophisticated amongst you, add it as a condiment to a rich roast dinner. Personally I can’t leave the house without it and always add a dollop to my morning porridge.


Will add the recipe to my recipe book as soon as I extracate myself from this thicket. Ouch.


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