Euphoric euphorbias


This always makes me smile. Dew drops sparkling like crystal after a misty morning. Here they are making Euphorbia martinii look all glittery, reminding us that precipitation is a good thing.
This post is a little out of the ordinary for me, differing somewhat from my usual edible ramblings. I blame the courgettes. I am overcome with fear and trepidation whenever I think of braving the allotment, afraid of how much the slender ones have ‘ let themselves go’.
So my head has been turned by the pretty ones. Glorious combinations like this delphinium ‘Guardian blue’ with salvia ‘Icing sugar’.


And the cyclamen, as bright and vibrant as christmas lights, I want them all.


I have great admiration for those gardeners who can stick to a single colour scheme. I know pure white looks stunning against a background of deep green. Can I do it? No.
I remember years ago watching gardener world (shame on me its been a while) and Monty being some what taken away that a bright orange dahlia had dared to bloom amongst his hot pink ones “Vulghar” may have been how he described it and my heart sank. Monty, you and I not destined to garden together, I love a good colour clash in the borders!



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