Jack Frost has gone all Mondrian


What’s happened to Jack Frost ? Hurrying back from the school run this morning I noticed that the delicate, fern-like drawings usually left by this mischievous sprite, had changed. Instead cars doors were patterned with parallel lines and blocks of muted white; a far cry from the extravagant and flamboyant masterpieces usually created in the early hours of a cold winters morning. What’s up Jack, are you miffed that it’s taken so long for winter to arrive?


But at last it has arrived and I breathe a sigh of relief because now I can hang up my gardening gloves and curl up indoors. After a year of hard graft I can stoke up the wood fire, charge my glass with Gluhwein and lose myself in a stack of gardening books.

There is no better time than winter to gather our thoughts and plan for the year ahead. I have decided to transform my allotment into a beautiful kitchen garden. Obviously it’s nothing like the size of a Victorian kitchen garden but I can live with that. After all I married for love not money and am unlikely to find myself living in a country manor any time soon so a bijou garden it will be. I don’t expect to be self sufficient but what I do want is to enjoy something fresh from the garden every day of the year. Even in the depths of winter there is always a little morsel of flavour to be had in the form of evergreen herbs like bay and rosemary.


A new aspect to my kitchen garden will be cut flowers. It’s not an area of gardening I have indulged in before but I love having bunches of flowers in the house. To help me I have a fabulous book called ‘The cut flower patch’ written by Louise Curly aka Wellywoman. Filled with beautiful photographs of flowers and arrangements it makes me fill a little bit giddy for the future.

So now I have dusted off my drawing pad, sharpened my pencils and measured up my plot. I have 195 square metres of ground to play with and play I will. For just like Jack Frost I am a carefree creature, happiest when I can behave as I please, with no obligations, I am able to flourish.

Time to dig up the parsnips, like life, so much sweeter after a frost!


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