Who stole spring?

Right, that’s it, who stole spring? Can we have it back now please because this perpetual cold and gloom is annoying. I want to admire the daffodils that are, for once, not heralding the arrival of spring but they don’t stay still for long enough in this buffeting wind.

It’s April tomorrow for goodness sake and Easter. I remember a few years ago sitting outside, our family tucking into a giant chocolate, eager to devour it before the warm sun melted it away. Not this year, I fear it may snow.

If I don’t get some seeds sown soon the kitchen garden is going to be a little bare this coming year. I’m going to have to brave this weather and retrieve the seed propagator from the shed at the bottom of the garden…Wish me luck.


Phew I’ve made it and found a tin full of seeds tucked away in a corner too. I’m quite taken by these four packets that came free with Gardens Illustrated magazine, the colours look great together. I’m a little bit tempted to grow them in my cut flower border on the allotment but foxgloves are toxic and I don’t want them getting into my edibles. I’m going to grow this peachy collection in my back garden instead. The borders need re-stocking after I had a bit of a garden re-arrange. I often think we are perfectly happy changing the decor in our homes and moving the furniture around but our gardens tend to stay the same, for years. Mine however needed a re-jig following an extension, the position of the back door changed completely altering the dynamics of the garden. A year on I’m just getting used to it.

So the funny thing is I went to the bottom of the garden to get the propagator to sow some seeds so we don’t starve this year. I’ve ended up finding some seeds that won’t feed us and don’t need sowing in a propagator! Ah the joys of gardening, just like the weather utterly unpredictable.


2 thoughts on “Who stole spring?

  1. The flowers look like they will be really pretty together, and the other three are edible (bar foxgloves). I have turned by back garden into an all edible flower and vegetable garden (just about – I do grow sweet peas as i couldn’t not!). I am looking forward to trying cornflowers and nigella in mist this year amongst other things. Can’t believe how many flowers are edible. Even tulips apparently and dahila roots. But I am a little sceptical of how many of they are produced for the garden when grower not expecting me to want to eat them! I enjoy your posts. Thank you.


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