Shed Hideaways ~ RHS Flower show Tatton


This coming saturday a number of flat packed sheds will be deposited on the show ground of the RHS flower show, Tatton. One of them is mine and I will have just over a week to turn it into this mad creation doodled just above the text. What was I thinking!?!?

It’s all well and good dreaming of fantastical sheds (that’s sheds Bob Sweet not fantastical creatures like gnomes, that would be wrong) and doodling with pen and paper is pretty easy only now I have to build the damn thing! Yikes!

I decided it would be fun to put a glass atrium on top of the shed but now I’m not so sure. How the heck am I supposed to make such a thing? I’m a gardener not a joiner!!

I’ve recently spotted a little display stand of roof lights set out on a trailer near the junction of the M60 that would be perfect for the job but I’m not sure this shed is worth going to prison for, although I have got form. No, no you misunderstand me, I haven’t got a teardrop tattoo, and my freedom has never been curtailed but I did spend time nicking stuff from skips under cover of darkness for my first back to back garden. I’ve got a great piece of footage that the BBC filmed of me loading bricks from a skip into the back of my Triumph Herald; the best getaway car ever.

car 2 (2)

So far there’s been no begging, borrowing or stealing with regards to the shed. Oh, hang on, that’s not strictly true. I was pottering about in a department store last saturday and spotted something fab. Now I don’t want to spoil the surprise for those who may come and visit said shed but this bit of kit looked like it might just be the answer to my roof light troubles and it was marked down from £30 to £15. I needed two and there they both were calling to me. Armed with my bargains I went to the till and paid. It was only when I  looked at my receipt I realised I’d only been charged for one item. I was still in the car park, I could have gone back but I didn’t. I apologise John Lewis.

I’m looking forward to doing this shed; it’s very different from doing a garden at Tatton and feels more arty. I like arty. Alan Gardner builds gardens that I consider arty; kind’ve makes me question what is a garden anyway. Alan’s on the tele tonight ‘The Autistic Gardener’ C4 8pm and it’ll definitely be worth a watch.

Doing this shed is me stepping away from ‘gardening’ and into garden art; I’ m excited! Whatever I end up creating chances are, it’ll lean towards the edible because those plants are my passion, my pallet, my plate.

my pallett


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