Shed Hideaway

I’ve fallen in love with my shed. Whenever I drive into the show ground, turn the corner and see it standing there, a vision of loveliness, my heart melts a little. Painted in the palest of cream with smidges of dove-grey it reflects the sun and creates the perfect backdrop for the herbs and edible plants that surround it. The roof is adorned with masses of scented thyme; silvery and delicious the bees have discovered it and the air is filled with gentle buzzing.

I’m a little surprised by the palette I have chosen, I thought I would throw a few hot pink salvias in there to liven it up. I’m glad I didn’t. This little haven doesn’t need to shout out for attention it already captures the imagination.

Inside the shed the atmosphere is divine, warm and bright. Even without a roof light the sun comes flooding in. I’ve put a little chair in there and made a windowsill for the tender basil plants, it smells amazing. When I go in and close the door the outside world is forgotten. I take a deep breath and smile; this is my shed hideaway.



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