My Funky shed

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The shed has made people curious. “Why are you doing it?” is the question that follows the oohs and aahs. Well let me tell you. I’m ‘doing’ this shed simply because I can. I am indulging in a spot of riotous creativity for the sheer joy of it. At the end of each day, when I glance over my shoulder and see the shed, I feel really proud, I feel I have re-awakened my creative spirit and there’s no way I’m letting it nod off again.

There’s too much of an end product mentality in society, it’s getting better but there’s still a way to go. There’s an expectation that whatever we do it must result in either a step forward in our business or monetary gain. Can you imagine the great artists of old putting down their brushes and refusing to work without a commission? We would be missing some masterpieces!

Sometimes we just need to create, just for ourselves, and chances are, what we do will cause a response in others. I love the smiles, the chats, the exclamations of joy that are already inspired by the shed. If art is there to provoke a response then this shed is art.

The shed has a future after Tatton. I’m not selling it, I’m definitely not giving it away, I have no plans to launch a shed related career (unless George Clark needs me for his Amazing spaces or Gardener’s World need a fresh face then I’m there at the drop of a trowel!). The sheds coming back with me and it’s going on the allotment. I can already imagine myself in the quaint interior, curled up in a chair, nibbling freshly picked peas and writing my blog.


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