Up, up and away…

Hello there dear readers. For what I am about to do I hope you accept my humblest apologies, remain calm and bear with me because today I am taking you hostage.
I’ve thought about it long and hard and decided that yes, blog-napping is the way forward. You see I have been writing this gardening blog for a couple of years now and, partly owing to the seasonal nature of this pastime, I feel it is getting a little repetitive and my interest in it is waning. Gardening was my career for a very long time and I have loved every minute. I’ve had gardening rounds, I’ve worked in plant nurseries, I’m really good at designing gardens, I’ve done ‘the shows’ been on the tele, broadcast on the radio; it’s been a blast.
Then I found my new. It was a chance get together, a reconnection with a friend that led to it. It’s called Forest school and oh my goodness I LOVE it. I’ll tell you about it over coffee or juice sometime.( I actually have a secret blog where I write about my forest days, it gets a little emotional).
So I have two blogs already and I very nearly started a third. That would be foolish I thought, and why am I separating all the aspects of my life that make me, me into different categories; why am I boxing myself in?
The new blog was going to be called ‘The Awesome adventures of Bertha Grylls’. It would be all about a character who loved to journey through life sharing her thrills and spills. Then I thought “that’s me!”
Around the time of my plotting and planning a friend of mine, a really, really fab friend( that’s you Cat Price) said I should blog ‘a day in the life’ because my life is pretty, well, crazy, I think she was suggesting. My first thought was “Eh? Who would want to read about my life? I’m not anybody?”
And I realised yes, I can write about gardening, I can write about growing things, I can even write about how happy it makes me feel but all the while I am hiding behind gardening. I’ve been hiding in a garden for a very long time and this friend, my fab friend (you again CP) opened the gate, wandered in, took me by the hand and showed me that there is so much more on the outside of the garden walls. There are people, lives, experiences and adventure and I’m ready for that.
Forest school too is connecting me to people in a way I’ve never felt before; it sometimes makes me cry, in a good way, usually on a Thursday when I’m trying to drive home. I must look a sight, eyes full of tears as I weave through the traffic in my little blue van.
So there’s loads of different things I love to write about and I can’t have a different blog for each and every one of them. One blog will do. My blog. I was very close to scrubbing both blogs and starting up a completely new one until my sister Sarah said something that stopped me in my tracks. I was actually standing on top of the working top trying to get something off the top shelf and giggling at brother-in-law Malc who was pouring gravy on his roast dinner from a tea pot. She told me that a friend of hers had noticed I hadn’t blogged in a while and she missed it because she likes the way I write, she likes the way I put words together. I felt so proud because I love to play with words so thank you lovely lady, you saved this blog.
But this blog is my history too and just because I am journeying on a new path, I don’t need to scrub my past. After all it’s our pasts that shape us.

Now I know that those of you who follow this blog do so because it’s about gardening and you must have a shared interest in that ( and there is the lovely lady who likes my words too) so why would you continue to follow this blog when the subject has changed?
Okay I’m a nice hostage taker, a kind hearted blog-napper and you are free to leave but I hope you stay with me on this journey because I have discovered that life is so much richer, so much more fun when you open yourself up and adventure through it with others.

Everyday I climb aboard my boat called ‘Life’ and set sail; each day brings a new adventure.



4 thoughts on “Up, up and away…

  1. I’m so pleased Jaqui that you’ve decided to carry on. I think you have a wonderful turn of phrase and honestly feel you could have a super career in writing if ever you leave the “day job”. You are also a very talented gardener, of course. Will you be doing another shed this year at Tatton? This is Sarah’s friend by the way. Welcome back!


    • Hi Pamela I’m so glad you said what you said to sarah, it really did encourage me to carry on. I love to write and always have crazy ideas of books to write but get easily distracted! I’m dabbling with doing a shed, what I’m definitely doing is a school garden, I’ll write a post about it, it’s going to be brilliant 🙂


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