Eat well, live well.

I’ve finally wafted back inland after spending several glorious weeks drifting around on the British coastland. The sun shone on the Broccoli family as we revelled in the beauty of Devons finest beaches. We stretched out and basked, like lizards, on warm shingle shores raising an occasional lazy eyelid to look and smile at the sunlight glittery on the water.

It was Padfoots first time on the beach and, the minute those giant paws hit the sand, he was off. His passion for digging makes  me think he is the perfect gardeners dog. Sand flew in every direction, as he frantically dug deeper and deeper, pausing only to wag his tail in delight. When he was satisfied with his beach burrow he settled into it and lay there, contentedly, for most of the day, not even stirring when the younger Broccolis buried him!


The sea was cold, very cold but we went in it anyway because that’s what we do. We rode the waves on kayaks and rubber rings and laughed breathlessly whenever we fell in.
And we ate.
Very badly.

Keen to indulge in a little ‘crabbing’ we spent many an evening sitting in Dartmouth harbour eating fish and chips, because that’s what we do when we are by the sea, we eat fish and chips. Pizza too, we ate pizza for no other reason than the younger Broccolis love it and I will do anything to avoid cooking tea on a bijou camping stove in semi darkness while the wind howls in and around the tent; an experience not helped by a dog getting under my feet who wants to eat EVERYTHING!
Padfoot the dog is the only one of us who ate well. Every evening we would pop into Marks and Spencer’s and buy him a meaty tray of dog food as a holiday treat. He’s spoilt now and may never return to average dog biscuits.

After a brief stop off back in the north the youngest Broccoli and I headed off down to New Quay, Wales to visit with relatives and look for dolphin. We found the first but never saw the latter.
And here we ate well.
We ate very well.
After a long day travelling, crabbing, scanning the sea for porpoise and basking in the sun we headed off for an evening meal at an organic farm that the relatives had secured for a couple of days.


Nantgwynfaen organic farm b&b is beautiful. Nestled in the Welsh countryside it oozes comfort and cosiness and we felt so very welcome. As we sat and listened contentedly to the sounds of food being prepared in the kitchen our noses started to twitch and mouths began to water as the most deliciously fragrances filled the air.
The food that was placed before us was exactly what we needed; sausages, mash, onion gravy, spinach and carrots, all organic and all so good. As chief cook in the Broccoli household I always take great pleasure in eating out but dining at Nantgwynfaen was something else. The food was exceptional, the situation beautiful and I couldn’t have asked for better company. But the best thing, the very best thing was this; I didn’t have to choose from a menu. This was one of life’s unexpected pleasures.

And then dessert arrived, home-made peach and apple crumble, but what was this? I was suddenly confronted with choice! Was my peaceful disposition about to be shattered? Panic not, it was an easy choice, would I like custard, cream or ice cream to smother on this fruitiness. I’ll have the custard please.

So I’ve decided; wherever I am, whatever I’m doing I’m going to eat well because eating well always brings a deep satisfaction to my day.


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