Making Monday ~ Scones of old

It’s 8.15 am on a Monday morning and here I am making scones!
Because yesterday I was given a prophetic collage and on it is a Victorian recipe, hand written in faded ink, for scones. So I decided to make them.


There’s an egg in this recipe. An egg? That’s unusual; all the scone recipes I’ve used previously only have egg as a glaze. But I am delighted this one has an egg because…..


It’s a double yoker!!!

I always feel that their is something good in store for me when I crack a double yoked egg so I can’t wait for what today will bring.


Already it’s good. The scones are out of the oven and they look and smell amazing. I’d better have one for breakfast…with a dollop of home made jam.


Oh yes. I can confirm they are good, good scones. They are slightly crunchy on the outside and warm and soft on the inside. What a delicious surprise breakfast on a Monday morning. A warm scone, a cup of ‘good morning tea’, Classic FM playing softly in the background and a copy of Country Homes magazine to browse at my leisure.

I really must do this again sometime.


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