It’s been raining in the night and I could feel despondent about that but I won’t. Because today I choose to ride on the wings of the morning and I can’t wait to see where it takes me.

Looking out of my window I can see two large black crows hopping about in a tree. They are big but not clumsy, agitated but not fraught. It’s two magpies that are bothering them, chipping away at them with open beaks and loud caws. The crows really can’t be bothered and appear to look at them with disdain.

“Friend?” I imagine them saying. ” What are you doing? There’s plenty of room for all of us.”

And there is. The tree is massive. It stands out head and shoulders above all the other trees and shrubs in the neighbouring gardens. But it’s not just its height that makes it stand out, I notice it because it is still without leaves. At least I think it is. Then I look closely, almost falling out of my bedroom window as I squint across the short distance.


And as I look closely (aren’t binoculars great!) I see the first leaves are emerging. Bud break! Life! It’s spring and the leaves are coming out.

I have forgotten about the crotchety birds. This quite, gentle unfurling captivates me more. No great song and dance just peaceful assurance that all is well.

And it is. It is well in my soul. And today I choose to see all that is good. Today I choose to revel in the beauty that surrounds me and I urge you to do the same too. Take a look around because today is made for you.

Dicentra spectabilis or bleeding heart finally flourishing in my garden now it has the protection of some hazel wands to stop it getting flattened by Padfoot!